eMobile and Snow Leopard Fix. Hoorah!


After successfully performing a clean install of Snow Leopard on my MacBook I fell at the first hurdle: eMobile. My D12HW USB Modem simply didn’t want to connect under SL.

A quick call to eMobile and I was told to simply re-install the eMobile HW Utility and use it to configure the modem. No luck. SL kept reporting an AutoOpen error whenever I tried to open the utility. A second call to eMobile. Now I’m told that the eMobile HW Utility is not compatible with SL and they have no idea when it will be. Sigh.

Then I came across this post. These instructions worked like a charm and it makes me wonder why eMobile, or at least the people my wife spoke to at eMobile, didn’t know about this fix. I reproduce it here for continuity only and have added some additional info, but take no credit for it. That goes to Rick Cogley.

1. First you need to delete these files. If you performed a clean install of SL these files won’t exist.

  • /Applications/EMOBILE HW Utility.app
  • /Library/Modem Scripts/HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Modem
  • /System/Library/Extensions/HuaweiDataCardDriver.kext
  • /System/Library/Modem Scripts/HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Modem
  • /System/Library/Modem Scripts/HUAWEI Mobile.ccl/


2. Next, empty the Trash and reboot your Mac.

3. Connect the eMobile USB modem and the EMOBILE_UTILITY should mount on the Desktop as a CD. Now, instead of opening the EMOBILE_UTILITY/EMOBILE HW Utility.app and incurring SL’s wrath, right(ctrl)-click on it and select Show Package Contents. Navigate to the Contents/Resources/ folder and open the EMOBILE_HW_Drv_App.pkg to run the installer directly. This will install the EMOBILE HW Utility.app in the /Applications folder and the HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Modem and the HuaweiDataCardDriver.kext files in their respective folders.

4. Reboot your Mac a second time. Connect the eMobile USB modem, open System Preferences > Network and add a new service if one for HUAWEI Mobile doesn’t already exist. It is possible that SL will create a new service automatically for you. In fact it created 2 extra for some reason. I simply deleted these extra 2. Either way, you’ll need to configure the new service as follows.

  • Telephone Number: *99***1#
  • Account Name: em
  • Password: em


An added benefit of this method is that I didn’t have to set the default language in SL to Japanese first for a successful installation and then swap it back after.

Thanks once again to Rick.

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  • Hi.

    I'm having trouble with my Emobile device too… Could do with some help…

    Mine is the Emobile D21HW. I've loved it all the way until I made the switch to SL. Then, it stopped working. I then found some help from a Japanese blogger and it worked again. Now, it no longer works and nothing I try will fix it…

    Emobile reckon a fix will be made "Eventually", but in the meantime just have to keep paying the monthly fees for a service that I can't use!

    Any ideas?

    Best regards.

    • Yumeji,

      The issue I had was not being able to run the eMobile installer because of SL's dislike of AutoOpen. These instructions simply by-passed AutoOpen and allowed me to install the necessary drivers. Since then I've had no problem with eMobile connectivity under SL.

      Are you having a similar problem with the installer or is it to do with connectivity? If it's the latter, are you able to test using Leopard (10.5)? Did you upgrade to SL or was it a fresh install?

      Sorry, I can' be of more help.


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