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Enable Root Login Over SSH to Multipass Virtual Machines


I’ve recently forsaken VMware Fusion in favour of Canonical’s Multipass to create and manage Ubuntu Server VMs on macOS.

There are two things I want to be able to do with Ubuntu Server VMs: establish an SSH connection as root and navigate the file system using applications such as Forklift and FileZilla. Purists and more security-minded individuals may balk at this, but these VMs are local, non-production servers purely for testing.


Using Python to Loop Through JSON-Encoded Data


The popularity of JSON is due in large part to its use of universal data structures such as objects and arrays that are supported in one form or another by the majority of programming languages. This post looks at the basic structure of JSON-encoded data, how that structure relates to Python data structures and using Python to reliably access JSON-encoded data.


Temporarily Disabling the WordPress Google Authenticator Plugin from the Command Line


This WordPress site uses the Google Authenticator plugin to provide two-factor authentication (2FA) when logging-in to the administration area. Occasionally I need to temporarily disable 2FA in order to publish posts from the blogging software I use. Traditionally toggling 2FA is achieved from the WordPress backend. This post looks at two alternative methods of doing this locally from the command line.


iRedMail Configuration Tips and Time-Savers


By all accounts setting-up your own mail server can be a complex task and one I’ve always shied away from until recently when I thought I’d give iRedMail a go. Thanks to this open-source mail server solution I now have my own fully-functioning, well-configured mail server handling mail for numerous mail accounts on several domains.


Installing and Configuring WP-CLI on macOS


WP-CLI is the command-line interface for WordPress. It allows you to manage your WordPress site from the command line without using a web browser. I currently use WP-CLI to temporarily disable the WordPress Google Authenticator plugin, create and configure a version of this site to run in a local AMP environment on my Mac and periodically change the posts that appear in the slider on this site’s home page.


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