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eMobile Updates HW Utility. Snow Leopard Compatible?

eMobile Updates HW Utility — Snow Leopard Compatible?

The HW Utility offered by eMobile for Huawei’s USB modems has always been incompatible with Snow Leopard.

Now, some 4 months after Snow Leopard’s worldwide release in August, eMobile has updated its HW Utility.

Will these updates from eMobile finally play nicely with Apple’s latest big cat?

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eMobile and Snow Leopard Fix. Hoorah!

eMobile and Snow Leopard Fix. Hoorah!

Upgrading my MacBook to Snow Leopard wasn’t as trouble-free as I’d come to expect with previous upgrades.

My Huawei D12HW USB modem refused to connect post-upgrade. The culprit appeared to be the software utility provided by eMobile which caused Snow Leopard to report AutoOpen errors.

The fix although fairly simple didn’t come from eMobile, but from a fellow eMobile customer.

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