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I never did get to the bottom of the issue I was having with the Jetpack plugin and page navigation in WordPress. So, it seemed I would either have to do without site statistics provided by the Jetpack plugin or this site would have to forego page navigation.

I’ve been using site statistics provided WordPress.com for some time. The popular posts widgets in the sidebar and on single post pages rely on these statistics to display this site’s most viewed posts and pages.

I’d been using the WordPress.com Stats plugin until March when inexplicably it appeared to no longer work. At that time, I switched to the Jetpack plugin which includes the former WordPress.com Stats functionality. I assumed the Jetpack plugin had replaced the WordPress.com Stats plugin and that the latter was no longer available.

In searching for an answer to the broken page navigation I found the WordPress.com Stats plugin still available for download. It was worth a try, so I deleted the Jetpack plugin and installed the WordPress.com Stats plugin. After a frustrating afternoon trying to get the plugin to connect to the WordPress.com servers this site’s stats are now being provided courtesy of the WordPress.com Stats plugin. More importantly, page navigation is once again working as it should.

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