WordPress Jetpack Plugin and Broken Page Navigation


I’ve currently disabled page navigation on this site as it appears to be broken. While I can’t be 100% certain, the culprit appears to be the Jetpack plugin I use that incorporates WordPress.com Stats.

This site uses custom permalinks, /%category%/%postname%/, but when navigating pages the URLs are incorrect. Instead of http://domain/page/2 they’re being re-written as http://domain/2. Consequently, I’m getting 404 Not Found errors.

Why blame the Jetpack plugin? By accident, I deactivated the Jetpack plugin and noticed that page navigation was working. Interestingly, the issue arises only if I’m not logged-in as admin.

I’ve posted more detail over on the WordPress.com forums in the hope someone has an answer.

Until I’ve managed to fix this, all of my posts, a laughable 30 in total, will appear on one long page.

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  • I had a reader recently share that my page navigation was broken. I had no idea. I upgraded a bunch of items recently but do not have the Jetpack yet for site stats but I am sure one of the plug in updates is woking out my site. 🙁 Thanks for your post. I am going to go in and disable them all then turn them back on and see what happens. 🙂


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