March 2010


inFocus Social Media Icons


WebTreats have recently released a set of Social Media Icons for all 10 of the inFocus theme colours and provided instructions on how to include them in the sidebar.

Anyone who’s tried this has no doubt noticed that on switching the inFocus theme colour the social media icons in the sidebar may not match the new chosen theme colour. Well, no big deal really. But if you want the icons to match whichever inFocus theme colour you choose, try this.


inFocus WP Theme: Customising WP-PostViews and Efficient Related Posts Plugins


Since switching to WordPress I’ve been using the WP-PostViews and Efficient Related Posts plugins. Although the inFocus theme I use now comes with its own popular posts and related posts widgets I much prefer the functionality of the aforementioned plugins.

For example, WP-PostViews displays popular posts based on post views whereas the inFocus version uses the number of comments to determine a post’s popularity. And while there appears to be little if any difference in how Efficient Related Posts and the inFocus version determine related posts, the latter does so on-the-fly whereas the former pre-determines them, thus reducing the load on the server.


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