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I’ve been a customer of GoDaddy for over four years. I know (now) their reputation isn’t the best, but I signed-up with them when I knew no better and to be honest I’ve never really had a problem with their service.

However, last week I started getting 500 Internal Server Error messages whenever I tried to access this blog or login to the WordPress Dashboard. This was a little surprising as I hadn’t made any recent changes.

These instructions are only applicable for versions of inFocus up to and including v1.6

The Apache error logs were not much help, with the message Premature end of script headers: repeated over and over. A quick Google search showed I was not alone. This issue had been raised in GoDaddy’s own forums, but no answer provided.

Having narrowed down the culprit to the inFocus theme I’m using I found that a fix had already been provided by the developers. The offending file was wp-content/themes/infocus/lib/admin/tinymce/tinymce.php and simply replacing it with the one provided by the developers for download fixed the issue.

You can view a comparison of the original and revised tinymce.php file here.

The question remains though: what are GoDaddy changing in their server configurations that is suddenly causing this error?

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