Using the Cloudflare API to Manage DNS Records


I’m probably doing Cloudflare a disservice by categorising it as a CDN provider, but that’s certainly one of the many services they offer and perhaps how most individuals using their free offering see them. Like me, I’m certain the vast majority of that group use the Cloudflare dashboard to configure their domains, but Cloudflare provides an API that allows you to programmatically manage those DNS records through a command-line interface of a *nix shell such as Bash.


Google Public DNS: Faster Internet Access?


You may have heard about Google’s recent release of Google Public DNS which, amongst other claims, aims to speed-up your browser’s interaction with DNS servers thereby making the internet appear faster. Well, that’s my interpretation anyway.

Google states that “…Google Public DNS takes some new approaches that we believe offer more valid results, increased security, and, in most cases, better performance.”

I was particularly interested in the possible speed increase after finding these benchmarks where the comparative speed of Google Public DNS (, Level 3 ( and OpenDNS ( were tested.

Using these same DNS servers, here are my results for a handful of sites I visit regularly:


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